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Do you have maine coon kittens available?

We typically do not have kittens readily available. They are either under observation until they are ready for reservation (at 8 weeks of age) or we have approved applicants already waiting to reserve their kitten.

We do give preference to repeat buyers and new owners who are buying a sibling pair from the same litter.

How much do your kittens cost? What is included with the price?

Our kittens are sold as family pets without breeding rights - our current price range is $3000-$4500, depending on the kitten's features. We do have polydactyl and heterochromia kitties.

Your kitten will come with a one year genetic health guarantee, vet health check, spayed/neutered, shots, de-wormed, microchip, 30 day free pet insurance with Trupanion and a goodie bag.

How many maine coon kittens do you have per year?

PNW Whiskers is a small cattery and only produce up to 12 kittens a year at this time.

How do I get my application approved?

Once you submit an application request, we will contact you once a litter is born and available for reservation. We will request for you to fill out a more in depth application and if you are approved, you will be offered the opportunity to reserve a kitten.

Why are Maine Coon's so expensive?

It is expensive to breed and raise healthy, socialized kittens. Feeding the parents (who are imported from different countries) and babies high-quality dry and wet food, taking them all to the vet to get checkups, vaccinations, spayed/neutered, litter training them - doing all that for 14+ weeks costs way more than most people think. It also involves an immense amount of time and dedication. But it is sure rewarding to see these babies grow up!

How large do Maine Coon cats get?

Males can be as large as 25 pounds - on average end up around 15-20 pounds. Females, average 12-16 pounds.

Do you offer breeding rights?

No. Not at this time.

If and when we do decide to offer breeding rights, it will only be to a select few breeders we network with and trust. These are breeders who share our ethics and breeding practices.

Are the kittens spayed/neutered before they are sent to their new homes?

Yes, our kittens are neutered or spayed at 12 weeks of age before they go to their new home.

Can we come see the kitty in person?

We are a closed cattery but will make the exception if you pass the application process, if you are able to make the visit to us in Tri Cities. We also do scheduled live calls as well.

At what age are the kittens ready to go to their new homes?

We keep the kittens until at least 14 weeks of age as most reputable breeders do - or longer depending on circumstances.

Why can't I get my kitten at 8 weeks of age?

Kittens are still learning social skills at eight weeks and can even be in the process of weaning between 8-10 weeks. They are unlike dogs and do need a longer time to be ready to be separated. Taking them from their mother and litter mates too early can lead to behavioral problems - like play aggression and biting, neediness, and inappropriate urination. In our experience, if they miss the window to learn those things from their mother it is very hard to change those habits if not impossible.

Do you offer delivery or air transport?

No, not at this time. We only do local pickups and in some circumstances can do drop offs or meeting halfway if you are within the 3-4 hour distance from our cattery. If you are from out of state you are more than welcome to fly in to pickup the kitten and fly it back.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

​​Yes, we do provide a 1 year health guarantee. It is outlined in our contract, which can be sent at request.

Do you provide any vaccinations for the kittens?

Yes! All kittens will receive vaccinations against the following:

1. Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (aka FVRCP, feline herpesvirus 1

2. Rabies Vaccine

Does your cattery perform any genetic testing?

Yes, all of our breeding kings and queens have been DNA tested and are negative (not at risk) for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, FIV, FeLV, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and over three dozen other gene mutations commonly found in feline breeds, including Polycystic Kidney Disease and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency.

Do kittens go home with pet medical insurance?

Yes, we have partnered with Trupanion to provide 30 days of free coverage with no obligation (be sure to visit Trupanion's website for more details - some restrictions may apply!) We recommend insuring all of our kittens as soon as possible - whether it is through Trupanion or another company.

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