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PNW Whiskers is a small hobby cattery located in the state of Washington (USA). With just a few breeding cats and a limited amount of maine coon kittens for sale, we are able to produce happy, healthy, and very well socialized and gorgeous kitties for you and your family. We strive to keep the beautiful features that come through on European Maine Coons, the big tufted ears, strong jaw, long fluffy tail and serious faces.

My name is Lena - I am the owner of PNW Whiskers. It was always my dream to work with animals and it was something that only recently became a reality and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to spend every day doing what I love. As I am sure you can tell, I love animal photography and aim to capture every moment possible of our babies from birth to when they leave our care. With my ability to work from home, I am able to devote all of the necessary time, care and love needed to raise these beautiful cats. On top of our two maine coons, Kira and Sansa, we also have Joey (our golden retriever) who also loves to play with the little ones making sure they are desensitized to a large, high energy dog. We are registered with TICA and CFA as PNW Whiskers, we are a licensed business registered as PNW Whiskers LLC.

We respond pretty quickly through our website and are pretty active on all of our socials.


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